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Balance Stacking Board Games

Balance Stacking Board Games

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1. Color blocks will help children learn colors and train children's concentration, thinking ability, logic ability, hands-on ability, hand-eye coordination ability, and patience through games.
2. Stacking toys are simple and versatile toys, but they always capture the attention of children and adults alike.
3. Every kid or adult loves stacking puzzles or using cute little blocks as open-ended toys. Multiplayer cooperatively play games, promote communication, and improve children's social skills, and the cooperation and completion of playing with parents will greatly increase the parent-child relationship. Also, enjoy partying or drinking games.
4. Made of plastic. Compared with wooden stackers, it has no risk of paint peeling and damage to the paint, and it is not easy to break.
5. Recommended for children and adults ages 3 and up, a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, holidays, New Year's, and rewards.

Product Information:

Product Name: Balance Building Blocks
Suitable for 3 years old and above
Product material: plastic
Packing size: 26.5*26.5*5CM
Product accessories: 1 chassis, 1 base, 16 building blocks

Packing List:

1 chassis, 1 base, 16 building blocks

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