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Cell Phone Lens

Cell Phone Lens

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Dear customer, thank you for your support of APEXEL mobile phone lens! In view of the fact that the user did not understand the operation and use of this product before, and the results were not satisfactory, the company made an answer to this product:

Myth 1: This product consists of four lenses, telephoto + fisheye + wide angle + macro, where wide-angle macro is two-in-one, and the smallest logo is 0.63x wide+macro. The smallest lens can be rotated and separated. Together, it is a wide-angle lens. The small lens with a spiral after disassembly is a macro lens, and the macro lens is used alone.

Myth 2: Regarding the telephoto lens, some customers have responded that the telephoto lens is shaking and the shooting is not clear. The reason is that the customer is unfamiliar with the method of using the product. The two red lines at the front end of the telephoto lens can be rotated and adjusted, and the imaging effect is adjusted according to the distance of the object.

Myth 3: Because the telescope product has a high multiple, slight shaking can also cause the shooting effect to be blurred (preferred carefully). It is recommended that you use the Bluetooth wireless remote shutter. (Support Android, IOS) As we all know, the amount of light passing through the telescope is determined by the aperture of the objective lens. It is important to have enough brightness. If the light is insufficient, the camera will automatically increase the ISO value, that is, the point is improved and the picture quality is deteriorated. To achieve a shutter speed of 1/60, this can avoid the jitter of handheld shooting, so to get a good picture, the amount of light is very important.


 The fisheye lens in the fisheye wide-angle macro three-in-one lens is a fisheye lens with dark circles, which can make the photos have a strong perspective effect and enhance the appeal.
The wide-angle lens has a viewing angle of 0.63 times and a wide field of view. The depth of field is long and can show a considerable range of clarity; the range of shooting is larger than the original, shooting landscapes, urban architecture and large-scale photography, party and family photos, have a good effect. .
The macro lens is 10 times macro, the effective focusing distance is 1-2CM, shooting small items, fully displaying the details; discovering the beauty of the details and feeling the micro world.
The telephoto lens is 12 times telephoto, which draws close to the subject and highlights the focus of the shot. All lens coated optical glass, mirror body ABS plastic material, clip plastic material, exquisite workmanship

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