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Material: Plastic
Product size: package size 28*25.5*7cm

Fun and interesting "bomb" games are now available everywhere in the bar. If you don't play, you will be OUT~~ Pro, are you being "fried" today?

  There are 6 "bombs" and 6 different colors of wine glasses. Each player picks a color "bomb" before starting the game. They can deliver the "bomb" in turn, or they can vote together. Finally, the small "bomb" falls. At the back of which cup, the corresponding player will drink the wine or other beverage in the cup, or make a corresponding punishment according to the paper strip in the cup. If the "bomb" falls into the same color of the wine glass, then That player can be penalized~, there are other ways to play the game, the player can set it himself, there is no limit, just enjoy it.
  Hey, playing is the heartbeat, playing is stimulation, are you still watching? Don't hesitate, come join us~

high Upper caliber Lower caliber
6.2 cm 4.2 cm 3.2 cm


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