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Leisure Puzzle Game Big Escape Golf

Leisure Puzzle Game Big Escape Golf

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Product information :
Material: plastic/plastic

Product description:
Party game: The children even put down the screen. Perfect game for outdoor and indoor parties, tailgate and BBQ! The whole game is completed in less than 60 seconds. You can install 60 inch battle pads anywhere and leave room.
Travel kit: You can swing indoors and outdoors! Everything is neatly packed in your golf suitcase, so that it can become an essential travel companion for you to have fun at the party.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor: It is very suitable for indoor and outdoor. You can enjoy golf in the backyard or out of the yard, or you can decide to stay at home or enjoy the game during your work break. It doesn't need too much space to set up and allows you to enjoy golf without going to the actual golf course.
Parent child interaction: indoor games are an opportunity to enjoy family golf time. At the same time, it helps to cultivate children's concentration, patience and ability to solve problems independently.

Size Information:
Straw mat: 30*30cm
Game mat: 80*150cm

Packing list:
Carpet *1, golf *16

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