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Mini Basketball Hoop Ceiling Sports GAME

Mini Basketball Hoop Ceiling Sports GAME

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Not only is another toy basketball hoop aimed at children, it is also the latest feeling in indoor children's basketball hoop games!
Easy to play and full of fun, you can score points by shooting a soft, lightweight mini basketball or throwing it into a basketball hoop hanging from the ceiling.

Product installation method:
1. Select the required position of the game and take out the protective film from the adhesive tape. 2. Press and hold the desired position for 30 seconds. Wait 20 minutes to settle down.
3. Carefully separate the game from the ceiling. Once removed, apply new pressure to the two strips on the ceiling.


Product size: 13 x 13 x 2cm
Basketball weight: 50g
Basketball hoop: 200g
Total weight: 250g
Basketball size: 9*7cm basketball hoop: large circle diameter 34cm
Diameter of small circle: 22.2cm

Package Content:
1 * Basketball toy

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