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Mobile game joystick handle sucker

Mobile game joystick handle sucker

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[product name] new ultra-thin game rocker
[product model] Q8
[product material] silicone


[product color] white blue green orange red yellow


【product description】


  1. Break the bulkiness and mechanics of the old game joystick, regardless of the left and right direction of the game control button


  2. Round touch screen design for all games, including online games / stand-alone games, multi-platform compatible, for any touch screen mobile phone /

  3. Most of the round design games on the market are not suitable for the protective film. This model has been officially upgraded and protected with a protective film.

All can be flexibly controlled, and the parents can use it with confidence, without affecting your king's road.


  4. Enhanced environmental protection PC material + TPU anti-skid pad + fiber controller, responsive, indestructible

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