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Note:Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models


If you are still holding a mobile phone and taking a selfie at a 45° angle when you go out to play, it will be OUT! Shisuo Shisuo Bluetooth selfie stick, it is not an exaggeration to call it the ultra-high energy selfie stick in history. It not only solves the problem of short selfie sticks in terms of length, but also a Bluetooth remote control with a remote control range of up to 10 meters, equipped with a tripod, to shoot in minutes. It's not like a good picture in a selfie. Xiao Shi said, "First find the shooting background, then set the selfie stick and tripod, open the camera viewfinder on the phone, choose a pose or look you like, and press the remote control to get a full-length photo, which is better than holding a selfie stick. It feels more natural.” What’s more powerful is that “there is also an exclusive photo app, download a fist and you can click to take a photo”, whether it’s close-up, long-distance, front mirror, rear mirror, or adjust the volume of the song, No need to touch the phone, just press the remote control to get it done. "Since I have a selfie stick, I don't have to worry about no one to take pictures when I go out to play."

Material: Stainless steel

Color:  S03 horizontal and vertical 68cm

Bluetooth: Bluetooth remote control
Mirror: with mirror
Support equipment: Detachable pan/tilt, supports SLR, GOPRO and other cameras

Working pressure: 3v
Maximum clamping width of mobile phone: 9cm
Battery: CR1632
Maximum length: 68cm
Maximum opening height of triangle: 64cm
Size: 48x32x185mm
Colour: Black

Package Content:

Mobile phone holder x1

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